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Introducing EYC HQ @ Pop Brixton...

We're extremely excited to announce the opening of a new state-of-the-art streaming hub - EYC HQ - at Pop Brixton. The space is fully kitted out with the latest high-tech equipment and is free to use for young people aged 15+ who can use the space to pursue their passion and kick-start their careers.

I'm sure you'll be aware of the huge reputation Pop Brixton has in the local and wider London community as a cool, unique event space so to have our own dedicated hub there is something we're really excited about. Our space is part of the wider Factory space within Pop Brixton where, following extensive renovations, a number of other burgeoning local youth groups are now also based, including Spiral Skills. Furthermore, we have our own dedicated desk space in the adjacent area, so our staff can collaborate with the other youth organisations and also facilitate use of the streaming hub next door.

So how will the space be used?

As you can see from the pictures, we've gone all out to kit it with the best-quality gear. We have 2 high-spec gaming PCs, 2 PS5s and a full streaming set-up with microphone, camera, green screen and more. We want to give young people the freedom to use the space to cater to their needs and envisage the space as a place young people can explore their passion for streaming, content creation and design as well as gaming, all within a professional set-up. As ever, the huge cost barriers to entry in streaming can exclude a significant portion of the population from being able to try out what is now a thriving industry. With our space being free-to-use we know it will provide an invaluable safe space for a lot of local young people to utilise. We're lining up some plans for some VIP guest speakers, masterclasses, live-streams and demo sessions so watch this space for more.

How do young people attend?

All young people aged 15+ are free to attend, we're open initially in our soft-launch phase every Thursday & Friday in June from 11am-6pm and will be looking to expand these opening hours once we've learnt from the initial launch. To grab a spot drop us a DM on Instagram or simply swing by to EYC HQ at Pop Brixton by going through the main entrance to the back and check-in at reception at the Factory space.

As always, keep it EYC.



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