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Esports Youth Club is a not-for-profit running free gaming sessions and esports tournaments across South London. We partner with amazing companies and people within the video games & esports industry, as well as a host of inspiring local community groups and charities. 

In 2022 we ran 37 sessions, working with over 650 young people. In 2023, we're on track to host over 150 sessions. Our sessions focus on engagement, teamwork, community building, enjoyment and building your gaming skill! If you’re looking at the world of gaming and esports as a future career, we can offer you advice, tips and opportunities for entering the largest creative sector – bar none – in the UK. 

Players can discover a new passion or enhance their skills and form new teams. We run various tournaments on different games, and give away fantastic prizes, always with a free meal provided. We also run more chilled out sessions – catering to the needs of our young people – giving you the best communal gaming experience. Finally, we have our own dedicated streaming studio - EYC HQ at Pop Brixton - packed with high-tech equipment and free to use for young people.

EYC is a completely open and relaxed space for young people who play video games to escape and to enjoy

Our Mission

Making Esports Accessible

We provide the facilities, structure and equipment so everyone in the community can explore their passion for gaming. According to a 2020 Barclays Survey, 62% of young people between 8 and 18 say that gaming is their favourite hobby. However, gaming and esports have significant entry costs. With the price of consoles, WiFi and games running into the hundreds.

This means that disadvantaged young people can be excluded from esports, putting a cap on the future growth and diversity of the gaming sector. EYC gives young people a fresh new option, engaging those not catered for by the current range of youth activities on offer.


Our Set-up

Our set-up includes PS5s, Xbox Series X, gaming PC's/laptops, high-spec gaming monitors, headsets & streaming equipment, equipped with the latest games, ready to use. We take this equipment to youth hubs and community spaces across South London as well as at our EYC HQ streaming studio at Pop Brixton, all simulating what a real esports environment could be like.   

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