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Thank you so much for your keen interest in our work at Esports Youth Club.

If you want to see us expand and bring gaming and esports events to more local communities, then you can help! 


From donating prizes and running sessions, to volunteering or helping fund EYC - there are loads of ways you can help support us.


Volunteer at one of our sessions or let us know if you have other ideas


Money, prizes, equipment, merch - we're stoked to receive any donation


Squad up and run a pop up gaming session or set up a more regular event with us

How your funding helps

We're a team of volunteers with a core mission of making gaming accessible for all and are 100% committed to running EYC as a not-for-profit. So far we've relied on self-funding and donations to run our free sessions for the 1000s of young people who've attended a session with us.

We plan to continue to rely on our industry partnerships to provide us with the latest equipment and games so that donations to EYC can be used to directly deliver our sessions.


We’re committed to being transparent with our spending, so have listed below a few of our core monthly costs that your vital funding will contribute to....

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