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EYC, AFC Nasaa & Juvenis Collaborate for a FIFA 22 Event & Tournament

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Yo Esports Youth Club community! We’ve been keeping ourselves very busy lately with bringing loads of fun n’ games across various organisations in Lambeth! This Friday, 20th May 2022, we took over 3Space at International House, Brixton, for an epic Fifa 22 event alongside football club AFC Nasaa and charities Juvenis & High Trees. Local officers from the Met police also stopped by and got involved.

“This is a brilliant event where different partners can come together and give young people an opportunity to spend quality time with one another and with the police in a friendly environment.”

We gotta say the event was a lively one! We kicked things off with some casual warm up games between young members of the AFC Nasaa club before heading into a knockout tournament.

The tournament was a tight affair right until the end - which we love to see. The standard of the young people was very good, but I guess we should expect that from a football team playing a football video game! Shoutouts to all the young people who got involved and a special mention to the two who battled it out in the final which went all the way to a penalty shootout. Some of the players had not used a PS5 before so we were excited to enable this opportunity for them. We must also commend the lack of rage quitting - our number one rule at EYC!

“Amazing event. The game of FIFA and football brings everybody together to have a good time.”

Between games, young peer researchers from High Trees engaged with the young people to collect information on causes of youth violence in Lambeth. This was a great way to be able to collect real data that could have a lasting impact on improving the lives of future generations, all whilst being able to play some competitive Fifa on our high-spec monitors and equipment.

“Please continue to keep up the great work, engaging with young people, creating pathways of engagement with local police and allowing a safe and fun space for all involved.”

The finalists received a brand new Fnatic headset for the winner, and a Nandos voucher for the runner up. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. If you’re reading this and you would like to collaborate with Esports Youth Club for an event, partnership, a regular session, to volunteer and anything in-between, please get in touch and we’re always happy to talk.

“The session was perfect! Keep up the great work.”

If you would like to attend a future session, just let us know. See you soon!


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