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Fnatic Collaborates with Esports Youth Club 

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

EYC family! We have some exciting news to share with you. We are extremely happy to say we are now officially partnered with Fnatic. Moving forward, we will be working with Fnatic as part of the new college programme initiative which looks to support the younger generation of esports enthusiasts.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Fnatic – you can check out their website here.  

In a nutshell, Fnatic are one of the leading esports organisations in the world, and the leading esports organisation in the whole of the UK (their offices in Shoreditch are nothing short of spectacular!). They have some of the best professional players and teams in the world competing in games ranging from League of Legends & Valorant to Halo and FIFA. Fnatic are a dominant presence within the world of esports and we are so hyped to be able to bring in some of our young people, aka you guys, to connect with them in this way.

As part of the programme, Fnatic are offering the following:


  1. Developed in-keeping with the Pearson BTEC curriculum - presented by our staff and other incredible industry guest speakers.


  1. To meet Fnatic staff, industry speakers and network with students across other colleges in the programme.


  1. Join an exclusive Discord server to share industry news, opportunities and the latest at Fnatic.

This list is just a snapshot of their full programme, which you can view here.  

As well as all of this, Fnatic will also be supplying us with more brilliant prizes for our future tournaments and events, as well as exclusive discounts on their products. You can also read more about the programme in this brilliant article on Tech Radar here.

How does this programme work with Esports Youth Club? 

This programme was built to work in collaboration with colleges that are now offering BTEC’s and qualifications within the esports industry. As Esports Youth Club is not a college, the way it works with us will be slightly different in practice but we will be able to offer our members the same amazing content that Fnatic is providing.

  1. For the webinars, we will have recordings of these and we will also be able to provide our members with the chance to join them live – which will be amazing as you will get to ask questions and interact with some extremely knowledgeable people within esports. 

  2. We can invite members to the exclusive Discord community after you attend our sessions and express an interest in esports.

  3. Most excitedly, we hope to take some of you along to the networking events in the future, to enable you to meet like-minded people and make connections within the esports scene.

The first thing Fnatic did when they met us was to donate to us plenty of their high-spec, top of the range gaming headsets. To celebrate our partnership, Esports Youth Club will be giving away a headset to one of our followers on Instagram. Go give us a follow and keep your eyes peeled for the competition post coming very soon! 

Thank you for reading and being part of the EYC journey so far. We’re so excited to announce this partnership with Fnatic as they are such an aspirational esports organisation within the UK.

We at EYC feel that we can now offer a very tangible and positive springboard for young people of all backgrounds to leap into esports as a potential career. We are so excited for the opportunities this partnership will present for our young people!

P.s we’ll be running weekly sessions at Jubilee Hall, Tulse Hill Estate, Lambeth every Friday evening in August. We’d love to see you there! Keep it plugged over on our IG @esportsyouthclub for more information.


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